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doodling bumi


stkreuz said Bumi. This is him?


[C] A night walk by wcqaguxa

I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself.

Iain S. Thomas (via lacynical)


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favourite a:tla quotes

saikhantheloyal replied to your post:" Bumi."
"… Hei Bai be damned- I had forgotten how much I hated that smile of yours." In spite of himself, however, he smiled in return. "It’s been awhile, Boom."

        “Come on kid, I think you’re just jealous of this handsome face I have. My smile is delightful.” Grinning still, Bumi patted the younger man firmly on the back. “It has been a while. Sorry to take off in a such a rush kid, had some things to take care of. Hows it been?”




Tried to do… something? Too lazy to work on details

Why the hell this thing is back? It’s 5 month old and gained 3500 more notes in the last 12 hours.

Because it’s amazing and no one should forget it ever. BECAUSE CLOUD FAMILY!


azula: nobody’s that happy!
katara: aang and i are that happy!
azula: because you two are idiots.

so i’m trying to get anatomy right, and instead of basically tracing like normal i redrew this pose from the tiny panel in my comic, so i’m pretty proud of how it came out c: